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Them: I don't think kids should be exposed to gay relationships.
You: Why not?
Them: It's introducing children to sexuality! They're too young for that!
You: So when a prince and princess kiss in a Disney movie, are they introduced to sexuality? When the prince and the princess get married and have a child, is that introducing your child to sexuality?
Them: NO! But if they see a man and a man, or a woman and a woman together... they're going to start asking questions! Like how a man and a man can... you know, do anything together.
You: You think the only thing people think when they see a gay couple is "I wonder how they have sex"? Furthermore, you think a CHILD is going to even know what that means? When the prince and the princess kiss, does your 4 year old daughter ask, "mommy, how do people have intercourse"? No. She just sees two people in love. If you remember when you were a kid, you probably didn't think about sex every time you saw two people happy together.
Them: But it'll bring up all kinds of questions, it'll confuse my child!
You: Then be a fucking parent and explain it to your child. The only question that might be brought up is "mom, why don't you want gay people to be happy?". And when you don't have a good answer for that question, you can look your child in the eye and say "It's because I'm a bigot".
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You came in too late and had to weave through other people to get to me. We’re out of place and we know it, like this part of the world is just too adult-like for us. So while violins play symphonies in the background and the hundreds of people are all sit still, silently listening, we’re giggling. Giddy like we’re children. Except we aren’t because you taste like vodka and raspberries. The audience is watching the stage, but I can’t stop watching you. We’re stealing glances like our parents are in the room and we’re five years old again, but we laugh and we laugh and I smile. We see all the misery stricken faces and all the people around us look on without a word. But I see you and you’re beautiful. Your hand inching its way up my thigh, nails on skin. My lips on your ear, the look on your face makes me feel dangerous. There isn’t a second we’re not touching, nails on skin. And I shake my head, just a little bit because it’s so overwhelming. We’re supposed to be clapping when it ends but you look at me so fiercely, mouth pouring out I love you;vodka stained. I see you so clearly, as it echoes back at you I’ve never felt it so true.
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